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Head Lice: No Match for Science and Medicine

Head Lice: No Match for Science and Medicine It has become well known in the medical community that the most popular over-the-counter (OTC) head-lice treatment products are mostly ineffective. This is due to the fact that head lice in the United States and other countries have developed genetic resistance to the chemicals—pesticides—the products use. In

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Understanding Head Lice – How do lice survive?

When a family is afflicted with head lice, there is a tendency to panic. Dealing with head lice can be frightening and stressful, primarily because people don’t tend to talk about how to treat head lice until they are dealing with them, which is when they are frantic and frustrated. Understanding head lice can help

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Super Lice have you worried? Don’t be.

You may have heard the reports about so-called super lice. Researchers have found that most head lice are now resistant to the pyrethroid family of insecticides used in drugstore lice products. The most recent study, published in March 2016 by the Journal of Medical Entomology, found pyrethroid-resistant lice in 42 of the 48 states tested

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Lice Clinic Owner Helps Families Win the Lice War

A Real Need for Lice Treatment There are some 12 million cases of head lice in the United States each year, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Scientists have found that most lice are now resistant to the active ingredients in over-the-counter anti-lice products. The most reliable way to remove lice, according

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At last: a safe, effective, FAST lice treatment

It’s a scenario most parents dread. Your child is sent home from school with a note saying that he or she has head lice. Arrrrrrgh! If you have never been through a lice outbreak before, you’re in for a bumpy ride of well-intended advice and misinformation that might just make your teeth rattle. Call the

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