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Turning Problems into Profits

LCA licenses are available with exclusive territories in most states. The innovative licensing business model offers owners a low cost of entry and the freedom to develop a personalized business.
LCA can be a powerful opportunity for entrepreneurs looking for a business with year-round demand and a service that brings physical healing and emotional relief to children and families.

  • Minimum cash required: $90,000 in the first year for set-up and operations
  • Business model: License
  • License fee: $42,000 for a single territory, with multi-territory discounts available
  • Financing: Third-party financing may be available
  • Commitment: Full-time commitment or executive models available
  • Pricing: Licensees can price services according to their preference
  • Products: In addition to the AirAllé® medical device, LCA offers non-toxic DIY treatments clinics can sell to clients who prefer to treat lice themselves, or who require a lower cost option
  • Training: Full training and certification on equipment, treatment process and business operations
  • Support: National advertising, national lead generation, local advertising consulting
  • Sold out territories: CA, CT, MI, MS, NM, ND, OK, UT